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bbor62 art crank 2011

I will officially write my blog about this later, but in the mean time, please check out my printing video and new print. For sale at Art Crank 2011, at ATOMIC COWBOY 05.12.11 – 05.14.11.

Art Crank 2011 BBOR62 from Rob Brooks on Vimeo.

Really hoping to sell this year. I skipped last year, but was pretty into it this round. Had a little trouble printing the dot pattern. As you can see, I had to go over it multiple times with each run. I love silk screening, but have not done it very many times. I learn a little more each time I do it.

Fortunately the good folks at ALL ALONG, are there to give me a hand or any tips. Had the studio pretty well to myself all of Saturday.