Off The Wall

I spent a lot of 2015 bouldering and somehow replaced most of my moto time with this hobby. Between work and personal projects, there just isn't enough time for every California recreational opportunity.  But I'm hooked, and two weeks ago I finally got some outdoor sessions in at Stoney Point.  I had heard about this place. It felt like a mini Joshua Tree in the Valley, but covered in broken glass and gang graffiti, yet somehow still beautiful. Thanks for the invite Sam!


We returned after spending Christmas in Yosemite and have a million or so cold weather adventure photos to go through and share. All in good time...

Happy Holidays 2015

I managed to dig up these old photos of us from 1978 and thought it would be fun to share them for 2015. Hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday!


We've been married for 7 months now and a few blogs including Green Wedding Shoes thought we were cute like chipmunks, so I decided to finally post some photos from our day.

Big thanks again to our buddy Mike for helping us remember what seemed like a big pastel colored blur...

 Here are some and more to come...

Buckhorn Halloween

Oct 30th sure is treated different in my 30s than it had been in my 20s. That's just fine by me. 

PNW 2015


"I'd rather be a forest than a street"


Just like last summer I wasn't very active on my blog due to outdoor distractions. And in the spirit of last year, I'm going to do a recap of what it may have been like had I blogged in the Summer of 2015.

If I had blogged in the summer of 2015, I would have written about how we almost killed our dogs by taking them to Deep Creek. I'm quite relieved that they didn't die, as our entire lives seem to revolve around these fat little creatures.



Mr. and Mrs. Brooks

We are back from the high desert and are married as can be. Our dear friend Mike will be posting photos on his blog soon,  but in the meantime, here's a history of us and a handful of preview images. #MONGOTROBBED on insta. See you soon Costa Rica.

Our Story from Rob Brooks on Vimeo.

29 Palms

Hopefully over this long weekend I can overcome my Costa Rican "Pura Vita" vacation hangover and return to normal life.  I've been having a tough time coming back down to earth and after descending from the fairy tail week with my desert bride and life in a tropical paradise. While I work through that I'll just be reliving those weeks through the billions of photos I took.

I'm in the process of digging through thousands of wildlife and jungle photos from Costa Rica, but in the meantime I'm posting some photos of our week at 29 Palms.

Can't wait to get back to this magical place asap.